SEO 101: Tips for Optimizing Your Website


Ensuring you have a website that’s got great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), can seem like a never-ending battle. But, if you spend some time and get things right, that one labour intensive period should pay off. And, unless Google performs a huge overhaul of its SEO rules, you’ll manage to keep on top of things with regular, but brief audits and minor updates.

We know, putting time aside for a thorough website audit and SEO update isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. We’ve got a few tips for website optimisation that should take away a little of the pain and help you reap the ranking rewards you’re looking for!

Do Your Keyword Research!

We know, the word ‘research’ makes it sound as though something will take FOREVER! But trust us, it doesn’t have to. We’ve broken down a keyword research plan into three key areas:

  • Type out a list of search terms associated with your website/product/service/brand.
  • Search for those terms on Google and make a note of the suggested search terms.
  • Pare your list down to a more focused set of words and terms, then test them out again. Highlight the ones that bring up competitor sites.

There are helpful tools and other, slightly different methods. But in the end, the results will be barely discernible from those you’ve achieved with the one described above.

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